Women’s Forum G20 Call To Action
G20 Ministerial Meeting on Women’s Empowerment
G20 Ministerial Meeting on Women’s Empowerment
Universal Peace Federation – International Economic And Peace Development
W20 Rome Summit (G20 Women Leader Forum)

Dr. Jessica Natalia Widjaja is the Chairperson of International Economic and Peace Cooperation Indonesia of Universal Peace Federation. She is the founder of The Grandeur Center International – a humanitarian diplomacy organization based in Jakarta, Indonesia. She is also the author of the political motivational book, “Kalbu Indonesia”. Her role influences the growth and development of the young generation in Indonesia. “Kalbu Indonesia” translates to “The Heart of Indonesia” has been endorsed by 4 (four) Ministers of The Republic of Indonesia, is a mental revolution book to create changes. Her second book “My Blood, Indonesia” is published in Indonesia and United States. Her third book in 2020 is “G20 The Golden Treasure”, it is about her perspectives as the Head Delegation of Indonesia to W20 and the impact of G20 to each member states. She invented some of the programs that can help the Government and be appreciated by many Officials, Organizations, and NGOs. She is the Head of Delegation of Indonesia to Women20 (G20 Women Leaders Summit) Japan, Saudi Arabia, & Italy. Dr. Widjaja is awarded a WORLD RECORD by Indonesian Museum of Records (MURI) as the Youngest Head of Delegation to G20 (W20) in world record. She owns a certificate recognition in international speech writing by former Ambassador of Indonesia to United States, H.E. Dino Patti Djalal. She is well traveled, having lived in some other countries and rich of experiences. Other accomplishments include being an entrepreneur. Her experiences and independence make her understand the world’s richest culture, leading her to be an ambitious woman to motivate others to change the world to be a better place. Dr. Widjaja owns Jakarta Advertising and Public Relations Agency.

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